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  What to bring

The weather during the day is always sunny and warm, though fresher than Cairo or Sharm El Sheikh because of the altitude: 1600 m in the village, 2300 m on the summit of Mount Sinai.
In the evening, it can be cold, chilling further during the night.
On the first night accommodation is in the Bedouin Camp of St Katrine. It has hostel type accommodation with rooms for between 2 and 6 people and provides clean showers and bathrooms.
Bottled water is used for drinking.


I can supply the items with an asterisk.

. Walking shoes or strong trainers with good grip and ankle support
. Light shoes or sandals for the camp
. Light clothes for the day, including long sleeve shirt to protect from the sun
. Warm pullover, fleece or jacket for the evening
. Sleeping clothes (sweat shirt and jogging trousers are comfortable for sleeping in and can be used as an extra layer in the evening, if cold)
. Wooly hat for when sleeping outside
. *Sleeping bag
. *Sleeping mat
. *Tent
. Suncream and hat
. Sunglasses (optional)
. Personal medication
. Toiletries: soap, toothpaste, tooth brush, cloth, towel
. Toilet paper
. *Water
. Snacks (energy bars, dried fruit, nuts). I supply all breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
. Torch with spare batteries
. Camera
. Passport


All visitors from Cairo will pass through several police check points as they approach St Catherine village. Without a valid visa, you may be turned back. There may also be trouble in leaving St Catherine.
Visitors may visit Sharm El Sheikh or Dahab directly from Europe without a visa but it is recommended to have one if you are visiting St Catherine.
Visa's can be purchased at immigration control on arrival and currently cost 15 US dollars for any EU citizen.


While trekking, equipment can be carried by the camel. However, this may go ahead of the group and therefore everyone should have a day bag to carry the day's essentials: camera, water, snacks, sun protection and personal medication, along with a warm pullover and torch in case the group is delayed and ends up walking in the evening.
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