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  Treks and Hikes

Sinai, My Love!Mount Sinai (2285 m)

Visitors interested in climbing Mount Sinai have a variety of choices:

. a walk up the camel path which is the main route for hundreds of pilgrims every night.
. a climb up the 3 750 steps (Steps of Repentance) from behind the monastery to the summit.
. a walk up Wadi Arba'iin behind the mountain, a quiet wadi that passes the Rock of Moses, a large monastic garden and some Bedouin settlements where the Rock Hyraxes bred by Ramadan can be seen; visitors then have the choice of climbing directly up the South West face of the mountain or carry on round to pick up the camel path near the top.

Visitors can either overnight in Elijah's basin or on the summit.

Sinai, My Love!Mount St Catherine (2642 m)

This is the highest mountain in Sinai. It takes about 4 hours to climb and three to descend.

. If visitors start early, they can complete it in a day, or
. sleep on the summit and descend the following day.
. I recommend, however, climbing the mountain and descending into the High Mountain wadis and sleeping a night in Wadi Mathar which is very beautiful.

Sinai, My Love!High Mountains

There are many lovely walks in the wadis of the High Mountains where visitors can discover the Bedouin gardens and climb different peaks. I can arrange walks from 2 to 7 days. Visitors will sleep in the gardens in tents or simple stone houses

Day trips

Several day trips are possible where visitors return to their camp in the village of St Catherine:

. Climb Mount Sinai for sunset, descending in the evening
. Climb Mount St Catherine, 7 hours (see above)
. Wadi Itlah, the cave of John Climacus and the Herbal Garden
. Day tours in the High Mountains, visiting the Bedouin gardens.


Visitors only need to carry a day pack. Camels will carry all the other equipment. I will arrange all the meals and can provide tents and sleeping bags.
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