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Heading East from St Kathrine


. Bir Safra, a salt water well
. Nawamis, a 5500 year old archeological site
. Gebel Barqa, a sandstone desert of canyons and peaks with ancient rock paintings, good for walking and exploring
. Ein Khodra, beautiful oasis surrounded by sandstone canyons
. Coloured Canyon, dramatic, twisting canyon of different coloured rocks


Day 1: Leave St Kathrine along road to Ras el Arada, leave road and drive the desert to Bir Sa'al and Bir Safra; return to road then turn off to Nawamis and Gebel Barqa; drive to Ein Khodra for overnight camp.

Day 2: Drive desert routes along Wadi Ghazala to the Coloured Canyon for lunch; after exploration drive to Nuweiba or Dahab.

This route can also be taken in reverse from Nuweiba or Dahab.

Heading West from St Kathrine


. Sheikh Masa'oud, oasis, palms and water
. Gebel Fuqa, foot of El Tih limestone escarpment, forest of pillars
. Sarabit el Khadem, pharaonic turquoise mines and temple to Hathor, oldest example of alphabetic script in rock inscriptions, stunning landscape
. Wadi Mukattab, largest concentration of rock inscriptions and drawings in the Sinai Peninsula, traditional trading route through Sinai

Day 1: Leave St Kathrine along the road, leave road for near Tarfah along desert wadi to Sheikh Masa'oud, then on through sand dunes to Gebel Fuqa, lunch, desert tracks to Serabit el Khadem, overnight camp

Day 2: desert tracks to Sheikh Hamid, Bir Sidr, Sheikh Suleiman and down Wadi Mukattab, take main road through Feiran back to St Kathrine or the Ecolodge in Sheikh Awad


I can supply a guide with his own vehicle to accompany those who have their own desert going vehicles.

Or else, I can provide a fleet of vehicles and drivers.

We can organize all cooking, tents, sleeping bags and camping.

The above routes can also be taken by foot, camel or a combination of the above. Please contact me if you would like more information.

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