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"We spent three days in Sinai Mountains and desert with Ramadan last December. We really enjoyed those fantastic natural wonders as well as the Bedouin atmosphere in the high camps. On top of that, we appreciated the very professional behaviour of Ramadan and his partners, from the first e-mail until the last word at the end of our trip. Specifically, we appreciated his willingness to make our tour an exclusive one as well as the special attention for Laetitia's birthday! For sure, we will come back... maybe for my birthday ;-))"

Xavier Sabatier and Laetitia Feryn, Liège, Belgium

"Whenever it is too busy at the job we remember back the great time in Sinai Mountains and we remember back with a big smile in our faces! We enjoyed your mindful guiding through the Wadis and up Mt. Katharina and Jebel Musa, we liked the hours sitting around the fire, eating your delicious food prepared on the wood fire and listening your stories about the bedouins, the Jebelier and about you and your family, the Chatterboxes :-). It was amazing to hike through the colorful bedouin gardens, accompanied by Fatahe and his camel. We enjoyed the quietness of the hikes and we still admire your perfect timing on Jebel Musa - always behind the masses, never in the middle of them. Nevertheless, we are still impressed by the "camel taxi stand"! Thank you for your perfect organization, your hospitality and your pleasant guiding which present us a wonderful, unforgettable time! Shukran! Hopefully we will see again!"

Elisabeth, Nicola, Domi

"I had a wonderful tour up Mount Sinai on a beautiful afternoon in early October. My guide, Ahmed, was very knowledgeable about the history and importance of the mountain, surrounding areas and all local geography. He was also great company for the 5 hours that I spent with him. He took me round a side path up to the mountain itself via a Bedouin tent where we sipped on sweet tea whilst catching our breath. Ahmed then took me up to the summit of the mountain via a few very beautiful canyons with astounding views. We watched the sun set on from the top of Mount Sinai and it is a memory that I will treasure for a long time. I hope to return to St. Catherine's again soon and to use Ramadan's tour service which offers a very unique and memorable trek to the summit. Insh'alla I will bring my family with me too when I return."


"Sept. 2011. Ideales Wanderwetter. Ramadan hat mit mir in 4 Tagen wundervolle Touren unternommen. Wir wanderten durch enge Schluchten, grüne Täler, auf Berge mit gigantischer Aussicht. Übernachtet haben wir in Gärten, wo Trauben, Granatäpfel und Mandeln reiften. Auf einer guten Matratze schlief ich besser als in manchem Bett. Morgens gab es frisch gebackenes Fladenbrot zum Frühstück, mittags und abends köstliches Essen. Ich fühlte mich aufmerksam umsorgt.
Die Wege waren anspruchsvoll und haben mich oft sehr gefordert. Aber genau das hat mir gefallen und Spaß gemacht. Ramadan kann sich gut auf seine Gäste einstellen, das heißt auch geübte Wanderer kommen auf ihre Kosten. Es war ein Vergnügen mit ihm unterwegs zu sein und ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Mal."

Margreth Frei, Lindauer Str. 17, 78464 Konstanz

"Last year I was for two weeks in a Bedouin garden in the high mountains of Sinai. It is quite a special atmosphere in these quiet oases. Together with my guide Ramadan, I hiked in the mountains. He knows many very beautiful ways and places. The best was a walk at 2000 metres to Jebel Masb Abu Grun. We slept under the starry sky and the moon was so near, that I think I could touch it, so I must have been in paradise! With Ramadan Moussa from St. Kathrin, I had the best guide. I felt at all the times well protected by him. He is very careful, attentive, and I love his Bedouin meals. The time was an unforgettable moment in my life. For a long time since, I feel the energy of the mountains. Therefore, I will come back again, inshallah."

Hilde Mohnkorn, Spiegelgraben 26, 96052 Bamberg, Germany

"Ramadan has worked as an organizer and manager for Yallajabaleya! It has been his responsibility to book rooms in the camps, organize camel transport, select and hire a good cook, and purchase food for the meals in the mountains, as well as make contacts with garden owners and the Bedouin co-operatives at the Monastery and through the Sheikh Musa Bedouin Trekking office. He has been fantastically reliable and much of the responsibility for the success of our trips is his. He is also a very conscientious guide and has won the confidence and affection of our visitors. I recommend him very highly."

Gordon Wilkinson, Director of Yallajabaleya!

"Arthur and I want to thank you again for making this one of the most unforgettable vacations of our life. We go back home today with our hearts swollen with joy and the love we have received from all of you and your beautiful Egyptian and Jordanian people.
Thanks to every one of you not only for sharing with us the history of your beautiful country, but also for giving us your friendship and caring so much about our needs.
We go back home today with sadness in our hearts for leaving you but also with great memories that you all help us create. We leave with the promise that we will share with all our friends and families, what an amazing time we had and will work hard on making sure they all know what a beautiful and safe countries Egypt and Jordan are.
For now be well and keep up the amazing work you all know how to do so well."

Ana and Arthur Schinitsky
safari sinai bedouin

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