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  Retreats and Meditation

The following is a description of a retreat written by a good friend Hilde from Germany who has taken retreats two times in the mountains .

Sinai, My Love!"Embedded in the magnificent mountain scenery of Mount Sinai lie the idyllic Bedouin gardens of St. Kathrin. For centuries, the Bedouins have cultivated these fertile places in harmony with nature, using the rhythm of the moon and the wisdom of their ancestors. Fruit and olive trees dominate the image of wildly romantic rock gardens. Wild flowers and herbs grow in peaceful unity among vegetables for daily consumption and fill the gardens with an intense fragrance.

Sinai, My Love!Enjoy the atmosphere of this quiet oasis, far away from tourism, at an altitude of about 1900 meters, for a period of reflection, of contemplation, to find inner peace and harmony. Feel the power and energy of these huge and amazing natural monuments. Slowly achieve calm, leave the day behind, find a way to take a step back from it all. Listen to the sound of the earth and the wind. Get back in touch with the rhythm of day and night. Experience an intense encounter with yourself and do nothing, just be. Silence, simplicity and deep peace touch us to the core. The desert knows that wisdom lies in silence."


. Transfer: it will take about 1 hours to walk from the village of St Catherine to the garden; a camel will carry all the luggage.
. Accommodation: you will live in a small stone house in the garden where you can store your luggage and sleep if desired.
. Under the stars: if you would like to, you can spend the nights in your own sleeping bag under the twinkling night sky of Sinai.
. Shower: an irrigation hose is used as the shower in a closed compound
. Meals: I cook all meals, though guests are welcome to do their own cooking if they wish
. Deliveries: I will ensure groceries and water is delivered every day and provide any assistance required.
. You decide yourself how much contact you want.
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