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  The Bedouin of Sinai

Sinai, My Love!Bedouin are desert nomads, constantly roving as they seek out good grazing for their sheep and goats while living in tents made of goat's hair. Without any possessions to encumber them, they have a freedom and resourcefulness that have allowed them to survive in their harsh and arid lands.

The Jabaleya of the High Mountains know where to dig wells to capture water to cultivate gardens in the wadi beds where they grow apricots, figs, pomegranates and almonds. They make teas from the aromatic herbs, mardaqoush, habaq and zanzabiil. They extract red dye from the roots of libbeid which their women use to redden their lips. They bake bread in the ashes of their fires and smoke their own Bedouin tobacco.

Sinai, My Love!Their knowledge of the hills and the natural sources of water has made them superb guides to this unique landscape. Their long association with the Monastery of St Catherine has made them tolerant of other religions and open to alternative spirituality. Their contact with pilgrims has given many of them fluency in Greek, English, German, Russian, Hebrew or Italian. Their tribal ties and obligations have made them honest and sociable.

In close contact with nature, respectful of its awesome power, the Jabaleya have retained what many of us have lost: a link to the earth that bred them.
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